Commercial Diving Services

BRASAL MARINE SERVICES (CY) LTD provides its services to both on shore and offshore clients.

Combining all kind of equipment, the precise allocation of resources and highly experienced personnel, Brasal’s commercial diving division has the capability to complete projects of any scale, to the highest industry standards.

Furthermore, we have achieved an excellent performance record and reputation for delivering quality services in accordance with client cost and time constraints. Our people know underwater construction and more importantly use the proper equipment to ensure every dive is perfect and within safety requirements. 

We also provide Underwater Welding  or Wet Welding , is the processes of welding underwater at atmospheric pressures higher than normal. Wet Welding is performed directly in the water and is a cost effective solution.

Commercial Diving Services (Civil And Offshore)

  • In-water Inspections
  • M.P.I Inspections
  • Classification Surveys
  • Photography and Video
  • Corrosion Protection Work
  • Hull Cleaning and Repairs
  • Fish Farm Installation and Services
  • Mooring Systems and Conventional Buoys
  • Construction of Jetties and Harbour Structures
  • Pipeline Installation and Services (Internal and External)